Creating Local Leaders

 Our mission is to engage and educate voters by sharing our values, supporting great candidates, and keeping you up to date with the latest developments and events. We offer this platform for connecting with us so that you can make informed decisions about the future of Easttown Township, Pennsylvania.


Our work is never done!

Our Elected Officials

Betsy Fadem

Township Supervisor

Michelle Kichline

County Commissioner


The Easttown Township Republican Committee (ETRC) is a group of dedicated volunteers who are elected by Republican voters in each neighborhood. The ETRC improves our community with qualified candidates who promote issues that matter to Easttown residents. These include a "community first" approach, educational excellence, public safety, and fiscal responsibility (you can read more about our values below). We believe that local political involvement is one of the best ways to fulfill the promise of our community’s future.

Liz Cavanaugh-Kerr

Committee Chair

Larry DeYoung

Committee Vice-Chair

Tina Laczko


Kate Murphy


Committee Members

Kate Murphy and Jim McGuire

Easttown 1 (votes at Beaumont Elementary school)

Tina Laczko and Bill Laczko

Easttown 2 (votes at Beaumont Elementary school)

Glenn Coleman and Kristin Dische

Easttown 3 (votes at Easttown Library)

Liz Cavanaugh-Kerr and Jim Kerr

Easttown 4 (votes at DEvon Elementary School)

Michael DiAndrea and Neil Dombrowski

Easttown 5 (votes at Trinity chruch)

Alessandra Nicolas and Erich Sizelove

Easttown 6 (votes at St. John’s chruch)

Joyce DeYoung and Larry Deyoung

Easttown 7 (votes at Devon Elementary)

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